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Apple iBook

Apple iBook
With its choice of three colors, iMovie 2 video editing software, professional-quality 3D graphics and engaging personality, the next generation of iBook is so appealing that itís practically calling your name. Thereís never been a notebook computer in its class thatís so powerful, so easy to use, or so five-minutes-from-now.

Apart from how quickly and easily it lets you create your own Desktop Movies ó and share them with millions of people on the Internet ó youíll appreciate the sensory pleasure of using an iBook. Get your hands on the smoothly rounded curves of this friendly notebook computer, and experience the attributes that have won it a place in the hearts of hundreds of thousands of Mac enthusiasts ó a remarkable following for a line of notebooks that just celebrated its first birthday.

Snap open the new iBook and check out its brilliant 12.1-inch active-matrix display. Then touch the keys and the trackpad and get a sense of the tremendous speed and processing power you now have at your fingertips. To get briefly technical, what you have at your command is a scorchingly fast 366MHz PowerPC G3 processor in the iBook in Indigo and Key Lime ó or an even faster 466MHz G3 processor in the iBook in Key Lime, and in the iBook Special Edition in Graphite. Plus 256K on-chip cache running at full processor speed, 64MB of RAM (expandable to 320MB), a 10GB Ultra ATA hard disk drive, and a CD-ROM. The iBook Special Edition ships with a DVD-ROM drive, making it just the thing for watching the latest Hollywood hits. All models feature the identical turbocharged ATI RAGE Mobility 128 graphics accelerator that ships with Appleís top-of-the-line portable computer for professional users (for pulse-pounding 3D graphics, faster games and enhanced movie playback), and tons of preinstalled software.

Itís software youíll love to use. Especially iMovie 2, the latest version of Appleís award-winning digital video editing software. iMovie lets you make movies on the go with the digital video footage you capture on vacations and field trips. And it makes it a snap to share your movies with friends and relatives.

iMovie lets you transfer video clips from your digital camcorder to your hard disk, using the high-speed (400Mbps) FireWire port on your iBook. You can edit and arrange your clips into story lines, enhance them with transitions and animated onscreen titles, and even add music and visual effects.

Watch your finished movies on your iBook or on TV (using the AV cable). Or use the iMovie Export feature to select from a range of predefined QuickTime formats for creating and sharing movies. You can, for example, compress your movies and share them on the Internet, or send them to people via email.

The rest of the software comprises quite a package. Because in addition to Mac OS 9, you get Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Outlook Express, Netscape Navigator, Palm Desktop Organizer, Adobe Acrobat Reader, FAXstf, QuickTime 4 and AppleWorks 6, the latest version of the best-selling productivity software for the Macintosh. Plus the wildly popular games Nanosaur and Bugdom. In short, the iBook does it all. You can, too.

Indigo and Key Lime are the hot new colors this year. And while the Graphite isnít technically a new color for the iBook, note the new snow accents on all of the new models. Except this snow is polished smooth and glossy ó almost like itís dripping wet. A minor detail? Perhaps. But itís part of the sensory experience of using an iBook.

The iBook has been improved in other ways. Fact is, the new iBook has a lot more space on the inside. Hard disk capacity has grown 60% to a whopping 10GB ó more than enough space, for example, to store the text contained in 10,000 books the size of the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

At a 100,000-word volume a day, that would be over 27 yearsí worth of reading material. Thatís great if you love reading, of course, but youíll probably find yourself using that hard disk capacity for something thatís all the rage with iMac users: making Desktop Movies with iMovie.

The new iBook Special Edition has a built-in feature designed to help make it the life of the party, and thatís DVD. So you and your friends can slip the latest DVD title into the DVD-ROM drive and watch it on a brilliant 12.1-inch display ó or on your TV.

Looking for Pentium-crushing speed? Youíve found it: you can get an iBook with a 366MHz PowerPC G3 processor in Indigo or Key Lime, or an even faster 466MHz iBook in Key Lime or the iBook Special Edition in Graphite. In performance tests running processor-intensive applications like Macromedia Director and Adobe Photoshop, the new iBook soundly whipped the competition. (We know: these heavy-duty applications are not necessarily what youíll use on your iBook. But professional graphics programs do give microprocessors a pretty good workout, and can indicate how well a notebook computer performs under extreme conditions.)

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