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Digital Cameras - Canon PowerShot S100

Canon PowerShot S100 Digital ELPH


This digital camera is small and practical. There are lots of likeable features in this camera apart from its compact size. The LCD screen is clear, and information on it is very useful. Like any good digital camera it zooms to the picture taken to see if you want to keep it. Also, upto nine pictures can be seen at a time for review, this shows how powerful its processor is. Pictures can be played on the tv screen and t he pictures can be locked so they don't erase by mistake. They download fast and easy and uploads are also possible! For an optimal picture the picture should be taken in the large resolution, but not the fine large because they are too heavy and are too big for displaying on the monitor as you need a lot of scrolling. Small resolution pictures are not recommended, they are not good if you need to make any modifications to them because the pixels show. One down side to having a small powerful camera like this is that the batteries are fast used up and i would recommend you buying an extra rechargeable battery. I would also recommend that you buy larger memory cards if you are planning to buy this camera.

Product Description

The PowerShot S100 features an elegant, stainless steel (SUS316) body equipped with a number of advanced camera features including a 35-70mm (35mm equivalent) f/2.8-4.0 all-glass aspherical lens to help minimize image distortion. A 4x digital converter extends the zoom range of the lens to 8x when used in conjunction with its 2x optical zoom capabilities. In addition, the camera is equipped with a three-point AiAF autofocus system that permits the camera to automatically select the primary subject, even if the subject is off-center. To further simplify overall operation, the Digital ELPH displays most camera settings on the LCD monitor. While using the control buttons at the base of the monitor, users can confirm desired camera functions identified on the LCD monitor with easy-to-understand icons or minimal text.

The Digital ELPH features a 0.37-inch, 2.1 megapixel CCD sensor that creates full color or black-and-white images up to 1600x1200 pixels when set to the camera's Large resolution mode. The camera also offers an additional resolution setting of 640 x 480 when set in the Small mode, which is ideal for on-screen applications, such as Web sites and CD-ROMs and allows more images to be recorded on a single CompactFlash memory card. The new camera is compatible with Type I CompactFlash Cards and will be shipped with an 8MB CF card.

In order to maximize the capabilities of the 2.1 megapixel CCD, the PowerShot S100 is equipped with a dedicated digital signal processing integrated circuit (IC) to achieve high-speed and complete processing of image detail. All images are recorded as JPEG files and a built-in buffer memory allows continuous burst-mode shooting of up to 2 frames per second when set to its maximum resolution of 1600 x 1200. The interval between shots in single frame mode is only 1.7 seconds. In addition, basic operations such as camera start-up, high-speed search mode during playback, image enlargement and image scrolling can now be executed swiftly, due to the digital signal processing IC's high-speed compression and decompression operations.


Key Features

Image Resolution: 1600 Pixels x 1200 Pixels
Features: Automatic Flash, Image Annotation, Manual Flash (on/off), Red-eye reduction, Selective Image Deletion, Self Timer, Viewfinder, Automatic-Off Mode, Macro Mode, Bracketing
LCD Screen Size: 1.5 in
Operating System: MacOS, Microsoft® Windows® 2000, Microsoft® Windows® 98
Recording Method: CompactFlash™
Connectors: USB - Universal Serial Bus "A", Video - TV Out (1/8" mini-jack)

General Features
Installed Memory 8 MB
Features Automatic Flash, Image Annotation, Manual Flash (on/off), Red-eye reduction, Selective Image Deletion, Self Timer, Viewfinder, Automatic-Off Mode, Macro Mode, Bracketing
Included Components Battery, Charger, Carrying Strap, Flash, Lens Cover, Power Adapter, Recording Media, Zoom Lens
LCD Screen Size 1.5 in
Operating System MacOS, Microsoft® Windows® 2000, Microsoft® Windows® 98
Included Software Editing Software, Stitching Software
Recording Method CompactFlash™
Connectors USB - Universal Serial Bus "A", Video - TV Out (1/8" mini-jack)

Lens and Image Quality
Horizontal Image Resolution 1600 Pixels
Vertical Image Resolution 1200 Pixels
Digital Zoom 9 X
Optical Zoom 2 X
Number of Resolution Modes 3
Number of CCD Pixels 2.11 million
CCD Quantity 1
CCD Size 0.37 in X-Sync 1 Seconds
Video Capture Format - Maximum Image Capacity 46
Maximum Shutter Speed 1500 1/x Second Max Aperture 2.8 f/
Max Focal Length 70 mm
Metering Characteristics TTL, Center-weighted Average
White Balance TTL Auto, Manual, Preset Modes

Base Warranty -
Warranty Information "Limited."
Parts Warranty 1 Year (12 Months)
Labor Warranty 1 Year (12 Months)
Manufacturer Part No. C83-1001
Company Info Canon
Technical Support URL Canon Tech Support
Technical Support Phone Number 800-828-4040
Dimension 87 mm x 26.9 mm x 57 mm (WxDxH)
Weight 190 g

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