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Games - Nintendo 64 - Super Smash Brothers

Super Smash Brothers  

The wait is over, mario is finally starring in a fight game, along with an all star cast of other nintendo characters. Each character has a specific 3D fighting arena, with power ups and obstacles scattered throughout the arenas. Two to four players can fight simutaneously on the same screen, or one on a tour. Like all the mario 2 to 4 player games this is alot of fun and very very addictive.

Each character has his or her own special fighting abilities, so the fighting style largely depends on who you choose to play with. Mario chucks fireballs, Link swings his master sword, Pikachu throws lightning bolts and Samus drops ball bombs to name a few charaters. Super Smash Bros. unites all the big Nintendo mascots in one cartridge to do nothing more and nothing less than kick and beat each other into a pulp.

The control scheme in this game is quite different from other fighting games. Both 'taps' and 'tilts' on the control stick are vital to performing moves and attacks. A tilt is what you normally do with the controller - just hold it in any direction. A tap is a quick jerk in any direction that is not held down.

Combining taps and tilts with the A and B buttons is the foundation for game play. Special moves are executed the same way for each character even those the outcome of the moves might be different. This makes things nice and simple.

The only small problem i found with this game is that you can't change characters at any time during the game. You have to reset and start all over if you want to do that.

A querky and cool feature in this game is that under the Training Mode you can fight any character in any locatio in slow motion. It is also a good way to learn controls and see how moves are best performed.

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