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Red Alert Generals

When the first Red Alert game came out people were amazed by the realistic game play, the computer AI and the in game movie clips. After that came Red Alert 2: Soviet Strike, and things just seemed to get better and better. The graphics were bigger and clearer, and the computer AI was smarter than ever.

Then for whatever reason the wizards at Westwood (EA) decided to put the Red Alert franchise on hold for a bit. Eventually came Command and Conquer Generals. This changed the game play completely, gone was the usually resource and control interface on the left, instead it was at the bottom of the screen, gone was also the nice graphics, replaced with 3d block sprites now.

The biggest change came from the fact that the in game movie clips where now history, instead we're treated to boring computer generated images explaining the next mission. There is no story here, quite frankly I didn't care if I won or lost.

Perhaps the most annoying part is the fact that on starting any mission you have to wait around a minute and a half as the computer flies you around the mission map showing you key points, this cant be skipped!

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