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Lara Croft: Angel of Darkness

After almost three years in development, the latest addition to the Lara Croft series, the Angel of Darkness is finally making it's way into shops near you.

Developers Core have gone on record as saying they intended creating a "darker and edgier" croft. What that means is that basically she's accused of a murder at the start and so the adventure begins to clear her name.

In much the same style as the previous games theres plenty to do, running around, jumping and shooting, puzzles to solve and secrets to uncover.

A new, and somewhat welcome addition is the ability to control Lara's sidekick, Kurtis. Which seems to be a welcome port from the Resident Evil series.

Where the game really falls down is in respect to the control system, which on the PS2 is damn near impossible. Instead of jumping with perfect precesion, you'll find yourself spinning around in circles trying to get your direction right.

The AI also appears a little glitchy, and at times it's almost as if enemies are too busy to both with Croft's antics, hardly the treatment a title character demands!

Summary: If you dream about Lara Croft, can't bear life without her, then buy this game. Otherwise, avoid it and invest your money in something a little more playable, such as Onimusha 2.

You get to be Lara Croft... again

Difficult Controls



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