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XBox - Azurik : Rise of Perathia

Azurik : Rise of Perathia  

You assume the role of Azurik, a young very blue apprentice sworn to protect the sacred elements - fire, water, earth and air. Azurik is 3D action adventure game complete with an in-depth story and intense action sequences.

A revolutionary weapon system lets gamers unleash the fury of the elements with attack powers and shields in a fraction of a second. Every great warrior must master his weapon; Azurik must also balance brains and brawn to defeat his enemies. For example, each creature has it's own set of weaknesses and strengths; if Azurik were to deluge a water creature with water then it will grow bigger and stronger. However, if you were to blast the same monster with fire then it will evaporate and die. If all that wasnt enough the creatures can combine to create a single more powerful enemy.

The world of Perathia is an immense environment with regions dedicated to the elemental realms of air, earth, water, fire, death, and life. Each region is a feast for the eyes with stunning rich textures, amazing lighting and spectacular particle effects that will make Azurik's world seem truly alive.

The game features a clever AI. It throws at you a large array of unique and ever changing monsters who can also work together; flocking, swarming and riding one another to present challenging combat.

Rise of Perathia is one of the deepest most immersive 3-D action-adventure games developed. As Azurik, players travel the vast realms of the elements on a mission to stop the progress of an apocalyptic prophecy already in motion. Balthazar and his army of creatures have threatened the four elements, which Azurik has sworn to protect. To fend of the these creatures Azurik has a a double bladed axe called an Axion. The Axion wields the power of earth, fire, water, and wind and is at Azurik's command throughout the game.

Azurik has a number of skills and attributes, rather than spells, which can be attained throughout the game and which will give Azurik the ability to access previously unattainable areas. While there are only four areas included in the game; wind, air, fire and earth, each area will have regions of their own you to explore.

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